Children & Adolecents

Children are often brought for neuropsychological evaluations if their performance in school start declining or is not up to expectations or when their behavior, either in school or at-home setting is disruptive. Two of the most common reasons for children struggling are learning and attention problems. Some children are born with difficulties that keep them from doing things that other children take for granted. Disorders such as Autism, Asperger's, Klinefelter's, traumatic brain injury and various endocrine issues are few of the identified factors that can impact your child. The child's deficits usually appear in poor academics and behavior problems, which is stressful on the whole family. Neuropsychological evaluation provide a thorough understanding of the diagnosis, its possible causes and facilitate formulation of educational and treatment plans to help the child to more effective. 

Evaluations for children may be needed for several reasons including the following:

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