Weight Loss Program


At Craft Clinic we strongly encourage to keep optimal body weight by adjusting the amount of food intake and  activity level. Considering serious complications with weight loss surgeries, hormones or other potentially dangerous weight loss methods are not recommended to optimize weight.  In some case some medications can help with weight loss but obesity can be treated like an eating disorder (A psychological condition)  with some exceptions. 

Why do people get obese? 

Why is obesity undesirable?

The following plan is optimal for a BMI greater than 30. Per this plans direction, running is not recommended since with higher BMI running may hurt knee, hips and backs. On the other hand, walking or swimming are recommended.

Please note that brisk walking will help you spend more calories than running or bicycling the same distance. With running or bicycling once you get going you move forward with the help of momentum and main resistance is air resistance. On the other hand, with walking you break momentum on each new step and your main resistance is your own body weight. Let your body weight work in your favor in your goal to lose weight. You can also walk on a treadmill or ellipticals.  Weight training can always help.



 People who do not get sufficient sleep tend to eat more, increasing risk of obesity. 


Following is a rough guideline of what to eat: